Namibia Breweries Ups Solar Generation to 2,27MW

NBL’s total solar power production now contributes 20% of the brewery’s total electricity consumption.

Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) has completed the installation of a 1, 17 megawatt roof-mounted solar plant at its main brewery in Windhoek, bringing its total solar power to 2,27MW. NBL commissioned a 1,1MW solar plant way back in 2013.

The company hailed its latest solar plant as a significant milestone in its commitment towards reducing its carbon footprint. NBL said it’s not only aligning with Heineken’s ambitious Net Zero Carbon target, but also setting an exemplary precedent for the brewing industry worldwide.

“The newly installed solar plant comprises 2135 x 545Wp panels that are spread across the roofs of our main plant. This robust solar infrastructure empowers NBL to make substantial progress in reducing our reliance on traditional electrical grids,” the beer maker said.

NBL’s total solar power production will now contribute 20% of the brewery’s total electrical consumption, marking a remarkable milestone in the brewing giant’s sustainability journey.

“This commitment further showcases our dedication to mitigating climate change. Further, this robust solar infrastructure empowers NBL to make substantial progress in reducing our reliance on traditional electrical grids,” the company said.

NBL said the realisation of the latest rooftop solar project was the culmination of a rigorous and meticulous process.

“Following an extensive design and approval phase, construction commenced in February 2023, with the plant’s completion announced triumphantly in May. Throughout the project, we worked hand-in-hand with two esteemed partners, O&L Nexentury and KRAATZ, whose expertise and support were instrumental in ensuring the success of this ambitious endeavour,” NBL said.

The company has decided to adopt an own, operate, and maintain policy of its solar power plants, underscoring its commitment towards taking full control of its sustainable energy future.

“By assuming responsibility for the entire life cycle of the solar plant, we can ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and long-term benefits. This approach aligns with our overarching mission to make a lasting positive impact on the environment and set new standards within the brewing industry,” NBL said.

NBL said the expansion of its solar footprint solidified its position as a frontrunner in the adoption of renewable energy within the wider brewing industry. This also brought the ambitious goal of Heineken’s Net Zero Carbon target by 2030 one step closer.

“This successful project exemplifies the power of collaboration, innovation, and unwavering dedication to building a greener future,” NBL said.

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