Cleanergy Solutions kicks off construction of Africa’s first public green hydrogen refuelling station

Cleanergy Solutions Namibia, a joint venture between the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group and CMB.TECH has kicked off the construction of Africa’s first public green hydrogen refuelling station.

The hydrogen production plant established in Walvis Bay, Namibia, uses solar energy for hydrogen production onsite. This innovative facility will supply hydrogen to trucks, port equipment, and railway applications. As an integral part of this project, a Hydrogen Academy will be established to educate and train local individuals on hydrogen technology and its wide-ranging applications. The hydrogen refuelling station is expected to be fully operational by mid-2024.

The Cleanergy Solutions Namibia project includes a 10-hectare solar park with a hydrogen production facility equipped with a 5 Megawatt Proton Exchange Membrane electrolyser and a 5-Megawatt hour battery. This plant directly uses solar energy to produce hydrogen, which is then made available at the public hydrogen refuelling station for trucks and heavy-duty applications.

The electrolyser will produce green hydrogen utilising the electricity input from the solar park and the energy stored in the BESS (Battery Energy Storage System). A hybrid control system will efficiently manage the electricity flow to ensure stable green hydrogen production and a reliable and stable mini grid. This set-up is unique worldwide and will equip Cleanergy Solutions Namibia with the necessary knowledge for its future developments.

The site is developed as a highly adaptable project that can seamlessly incorporate additional activities and technologies. This inclusive approach aligns and supports Cleanergy Solutions Namibia’s goal to empower the Namibians through upskilling initiatives.

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